Software Development Engineer (Microsoft) - Summer 2014 Internship

For a long time I have wanted to work at a top tech company. I am happy to report that I accepted a software engineering internship position with Microsoft!! I worked on the OneDrive team where I built notifications for users with expired/expiring bonus storage. My code is run about 3.5 million times a day (1000 times a second) and it maintains a quality of service of 99.998%. At the conclusion of my internship I was offered a full time position which I ended up accepting in August of 2014!

Personal Data Report

I was inspired by Jehiah Czebotar's Personal Annual Reports and decided to create my own report. I collected only a small amount of data on myself in comparison to Jehiah. After collecting the data I took to representing it via D3! Check it out here!

Software Engineer (KIT Solutions) - Summer 2013 Internship

For summer 2013 I worked as a software engineer at KIT Solutions where I built a time sheet web app! This app is no ordinary time sheet, it integrates with active directory to add and remove users and keep each employee's profile up to date, all automatically! I used .Net MVC and C# to build the app. As a time sheet, the app's primary feature is to track the time employees work on individual contracts and projects which will help to better price services to clients.

Plus3 Vietnam - Study Abroad

In May of 2012 I traveled to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to participate in the Plus3 engineering study abroad program. While in HCMC I grew tremendously as a person. We toured many domestic and international companies and learned about their operations. We took courses at our partner university, the University of Economics and Finance (UEF), and we got to spend countless hours with our Vietnamese peers who attend UEF. Most importantly, I gained an international perspective; I learned how similar all of humanity really is. I learned that people all over the world can work together to achieve a common goal. If you are interested in reading more about my trip, view my blog where I have detailed postings on my activities each day (link on the sidebar). Tôi yêu Việt Nam (I love Vietnam)!

ENGR 12 Research Paper

For the Engineering Computing class, everyone must write a conference paper detailing some relevant technology or advancement in their prospective field of engineering. My friend Drew and I chose to research the Tegra 3 system on a chip made by Nvidia. Our conference paper can be downloaded here. We are proud to have earned an A on our paper, and we learned a great deal from our research.