Alex Vallejo backpacking in Yosemite Valley

I work at Microsoft as a Software Engineer on the OneDrive sync team. I love to innovate and come up with new ways to provide value to our customers. This passion led to me building a few features for OneDrive sync in my free time. For fun I built automatic screenshot upload on mac and a context menu for the Finder that provides quick access to OneDrive features (share a link, view online, manage storage, choose folders to sync, etc...).

I have worked on plenty of regularly scheduled projects as well, check out my resume for a full list. I am a detail oriented engineer and I love to go deep on the technology I work with. I am skilled at C++ and have good experiance with C, C#, Objective-C and Java. I love learning and I read a lot of books on computer science topics ain addition to taking courses on sites such as Pluralsight.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where I attended Our Lady of the Scared Heart High School. I am an Eagle Scout. I was a very active member of the student body in college at the University of Pittsburgh where I was a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity. I graduated in 2015 cum laude with a degree in Computer Engineering.